Our wonderful team of volunteers this morning managed a fabulous sail for 17 people of many and varied abilities in spite of passing showers. Thank goodness we decided to go ahead, after a few anxious moments under torrential rain while we were rigging the boats. Our Sailing Coordinators were John W and Rob Southam, who had the idea of a swap around, so that we all could experience a selection of roles.

Warwick drove Charlie’s Chariot, Kath observed and took photos. Sailors: Denis, John P, Rob, Brian, Ted, Ivan, Helene sailed through a variety of weather conditions, while Tamara, David, Ros, Tony, Corey and Peter helped up on deck, Malcolm on the pontoon, and Helen the Registrar.

Our 3 sailors from Royal Far West, Anna, Lily and Lawson, hailed from Wagga, Quirindi and points further West, escaping the drought into rainy Sydney to go for a sail and have some medical attention. Monique brought 3 sailors from Because We Care, Jack, Chelsea and Scott with extra helper, Steph. Then Glen brought Vanessa, Rodney, Luke, Linda and Kane from Sunnyfields. Kris flew over from AFFORD in Ashfiels with his mates: Adam, Andrew, Jack, Michael, Gus and Alistair.

What a great morning that was.