What a beautiful day we were blessed with today, and a nice group of participants and volunteers to help us all have a gorgeous day.

First of all, the groups present today were:

  • Sunnyfield, with Annie in charge brought Kane, Vanessa, Adonis, Linda, and Emily.
  • Achieve, with Kaz; Cameron, Alex, Paul, Maria, Susie, Hayley.
  • Jack and Chelsea from Because We Care came with Sam
  • Alex and Wayne from House With No Steps brought Paul, Denis, Nina, David, and Colin, Alex and Holly who did not sail.

All of these had a very soothing time on the water, which ranged from dead flat to a nice little westerly breeze taking the sailors across the bay and back. To add excitement to the day there was a helicopter practising life-saving drills close to the water surface, raising a nice little water-mist, and making lots of noise.

The volunteers for this lovely day were:

Tony on the radio, Ken and John W in Charlie’s Chariot, Ruby with the camera, Helen taking registrations, Sailors: John P, Ted, Michael, Ivan, Ragnhild, David W, Malcolm, David G., Helene.

Wilma was the Life-jacket lady, Peter took over on Charlie’s Chariot after Ken had to leave.

Corey was the Time-Keeper, Tamara the exemplary Sailing Coordinator, Denis helped with rigging and unrigging as well as advice to sailors, Ian was a great help up on the deck and down on the pontoon, and everyone rushed in to help put everything away at the end of the day.