The best things about today were the glorious weather, with not quite enough breeze for the more competitive sailors, but beautiful sunshine and lots of willing volunteers to make the day go smoothly.

Everyone seemed to arrive early, and it was lucky that we already had the boats in the water for the team from Rap’n’Rave Adam, Ben, Chris, and Daniel with Carl then James with Min.

Anna and Kerrie, came down with Ashley and had a great time on the water.

Danny went out with sailor John and ended up on John’s knee as he was missing his Dad in the boat for height so that he can see over the side.

Then Fiona, arrived after many weeks of not being able to make it.  Judith arrived soon after, and it was lovely to see the two similar ladies having a lively conversation about sailing while we readied Judith’s boat, Alan Wood.

Next, from Sargood, with helper Angela, we saw Andy and Raymond. By this time, it was getting difficult to find some shade, so Marita moved Judy and Adonis around the corner a little bit so they would not become overheated.

The sailing was quite slow because of the lack of wind, but calmly and eventually, we managed to give some sailing time to Tim, who chose a ride on Charlie’s Chariot, and Joshua from Wesley Mission. Then Ruth arrived from Curl Curl, with helper, Ruth and Scott from Parramatta with Mum, Christy. Then Ollie went out for his sail after waiting patiently for quite a long time.

Last of all, Max, Noah, Alex and Lachlan arrived with Helper Rose from Creativity Inc for the last sail of the morning.

As the day wore on, Judith tested Alan Wood thoroughly, staying out on the Reef Beach side of the bay for over an hour, and pronounced the renovations “PERFECT’. Thanks for this work, David.

This perfect day would not have been possible without our wonderful volunteers:

New volunteers: Paul, Madeleine, Ollie did a fantastic job of learning the ropes. Erek, Claire, Ella fitted in wherever possible.

Charlie’s Chariot was managed by Jasmin and Nikki, with Ken on board with the camera.

Registrar and chef up on deck was Helen with cooking help from Ella, Claire and Madeleine.

Maleea was time-keeper, Tony the radio-operator, Denis in charge of Boat Operations.

Sailors, and sometime paddlers: Jim, John, Scott, Ivan, Michael, Helene.

At the end of the morning, the three musketeers, Madeleine, Claire and Ella got a ride on Charlie’s Chariot, and Paul his first sailing lesson.

So the day was pronounced a huge success, especially because we discovered Chris’s bag floating in the harbour after searching the deck high and low for it earlier in the morning. Thanks for fishing it out, Warwick.