Our incomparable team, led by the wonderful Tamara had a lot of fun with today’s program.

On the pontoon Brian and John were kept busy and wet, under attack from the Super Heroes from Royal Far West who kept everyone cool with their water pistols busily refilled and emptied before the changeover of participants in this battle.

Sailors Rob, John P, Ollie, Ted, Ivan, Denis, Michael, Helene and Steve ran a continual gauntlet of water power to get their charges around Manly Cove.

Charlie’s Chariot Driver, Observer and photographer: Ken, Peter, Tony wove in and out of the boats exchanging water power with the Super Heroes in the galleons on the water until all were vanquished, wet and very cheerful on their return to the pontoon.

Kept busy on the deck were Ros, working with life-jacketing, Helen the registrar, Tamara managing the order of battle, Corey the Time Keeper and Radio operator. Thanks so much to this crew, who enjoyed their roles, and at the same time did a wonderful job in keeping things moving so that everyone who came down for the spectacle, or a sail had a wonderful time.

Sailors from Royal Far West were: Jasper, Breanna, William, Isabelle, Dylan.

Bub came down for a first time sail with her Mum, Sue.

Scott S came down with his helper and had a good lesson of how to embark.

Then Scott and Jack came with Beecos We Care.

Murray, Melvie, Denise, Desmond came with Laura. Of these, only Murray sailed, very comfortable in the sailing dinghy supported by the Fluke, while the others watched and enjoyed the glorious sunshine and the rest of the scenery. Melvie and Michael ventured as far as the pontoon, which was a wonderful challenge overcome. Maybe next time, they will be brave enough to embark and go for a sail.

Travis, Sandra, Michael, Vicki and Philip came with Stephen. Of these, Vicki and Travis sailed while the rest watched.

Toby and Margie came with their group and took the last sail of the day while the clouds started to come over and the breeze became a little uncomfortable.

Thanks so much to our new volunteer this morning, Ollie who seemed to score the more needy of our participants, and did it all with a great smile of enjoyment on his face.