Such a beautiful day welcomed us to Manly Yacht Club this morning after almost a week of heavy rain. Everything was fresh and sparkling, and the breeze slightly hard to find to make the sailing a very tranquil experience.

Our wonderful Monday crew of:

Sailing Coordinator: John W.

Registrar: Helen

Time Keeper: Corey

Radio Operator: Ken

Sailors: Brian, John P, Sasha, Michael, Malcolm, Denis, Warwick

Support Boat Driver: Peter

Observer: Jim

managed the day in a relaxed manner, as we were expecting just 2 groups this morning, because our new Monday groups are still in the organising stage.

This left time for Luke, Ben, Jocelyn, Rodney, Emily and Adonis from JARBEL group to have a wonderfully slow, relaxed sail of discovery, and then BIRDS arrived so we called JARBEL back so that Steve, Patrick, Alan, Carlo, May, Catherine, Stuart, Alan P, Brad, Dianne and Denise could have their turn. This group made decisions between sailing, Support Boat riding, or just sitting in the sun with a cup of tea, to do what made them comfortable.

A very lovely morning.