We not only had perfect weather for today, we also had the perfect team to help, and lots of lovely participants who were out to have an enjoyable sail.

Craig from Royal Far West brought Sebastian, Micah, Merridy, Ryan and Daniel, who sailed for an hour before the next group arrived, so there was plenty of learning and experiencing happening for these children from places as far away as Marulan, Gundagai, and all points west and in between.

Scott arrived and went for a sail with Michael, who had been waiting in the wings for this to happen.

Unisson French’s Forest came down with some great helpers, and Derek, Peter, Adrian, Sifu, Hassiba, Mahina, Yvette and the talkative Millie.

Last to arrive were Vanessa, Rebecca, Kane and Tamara with the lovely Amber from Sunnyfield.

It was great to see Yvette again after so many months of not coming down, and always lovely to see ur regular sailors.

Slideshow of Peter and Micah from Gundagai in Woody, Merridy and Ted in Eli D, Seb from Marulan and John P in Dolly Wallis, Ivan and Ryan in Vin, Michael and Scott in Eli D, Adrian and John P in Woody.

Huge thanks go to our helpers for today:
Sailing Coordinator: Warwick, who is well known for his patience and ability to get through every situation that presents itself.
Pontoon Manager: Ted and Malcolm.
On Charlie’s Chariot we had Brian and Jennie, with Eli as photographer with the new camera.
Sailors: Denis, Ted, John, Ivan, Ian, Steve, Peter, Michael and Helene kept things moving as quickly as the wind would allow.

Up on deck, we had Helen as Registrar, Wilma and Ros on Life-Jackets. Ken and Corey on the radio and Time Keeping, Allison helping with the boats both on deck and on the pontoon, as well as taking advantage of a few small sailing lessons today. Tamara was sighted both on the deck and on the pontoon catching the boats as they came in, and helping our sailors in and out of boats.

All in all, a very nice day with lots of useful things accomplished.