Our Super Saturday Team this morning consisted of:
Sailing Coordinator: Helene
Support Boat Driver: Jasmin, with Jim, Chris to help.
Lyn and Helen the Registrars.
Wilma helping with Life-jackets.
Sailors: Helen, Denis, Mal, Ivan, Crosbie, Michael.
Ken was kept busy keeping time and using the radio.
Tony was making himself useful with a multitude of tasks.
Nikki was the wonderful Pontoon Manager.

New Volunteers this morning: Jackson, Jon, Erek were everywhere, learning their tasks and making themselves useful on the deck and pontoon, and our Duke of Edinburgh students< Claire and Ella went for a practise sail, then cooked a delicious lunch for our sailing participants:
Kerri and Anna from Washington House with Alex and Russell.
Rodney, Mark, Tim and Joshua from Rap’n’Rave with helper Depuan.
Daniel with Dad, Dave.
Kim and Anthony with Dad, David.

Then Ollie, and last of all Judith is back to make use of Alan Wood, which has been altered to fit her particular skills.

Judith used to sail with us many years ago and uses the servo 2.3. A few items have been refitted, and today was try-out day. Everything worked well owing to Judith’s ingenious use of the switch which had been rewired to take her in the opposite direction. This will be fixed before she goes out next time. It was great to see that little blue boat with the Blue Striped sail out on Manly Cove again.