The decision to sail this morning was based on a deep seated wish…if only the wind would drop!!!!!

Our first group was from Freshwater High, their last sailing day ever, as all of these people will be leaving school and entering into a different life in just a couple of weeks. We decided that it would be fun to be pirates, attacking the real world with Water Blasters, from the area populated with moored boats, where the wind was manageable. These 3 young adults had a great amount of fun, water blasting everything that moved, and some things that didn’t. They all became extremely wet, and enjoyed the unusual experience.

Thanks, Danny, Malena and Emma for the experience of facilitating you to sail for the last 4 years or so. It has been a real pleasure, and this was a fun way to say thanks.

Slideshow of Malena and John W in battle mode, Danny loading up, A thoroughly wet Emma loving every moment.
Glenn and Emily enjoying the weather, the pontoon ramp at high tide in strong winds
and a huge thank you to Helen from BIRDS.

By the time the next group arrived, we had decided to pull the boats out of the water, and took them all for a ride, in groups of 3, on Charlie’s Chariot. Not exactly a sailing experience, but one which they all appreciated. Luke, Rodney and Vanessa, Adonis, Emily and Ben showed their appreciation of this experience with the huge smiles they gave us.

This was repeated with some of our last group for the day, some of whom decided to just sit in the sun and enjoy the scenery, while those who wanted a motor boat ride were similarly treated. Peter, Alan P, Carlo, Patrick, Jimmy and Brad enjoyed the ride while the others enjoyed the atmosphere.

Thanks so much to helpers: Tony, Warwick, Ted, Sasha, Brian, Denis, Jim, John P, John W and John B, Ivan, Corey, Helen, David W and David G and Marc.