Today was a little weird, because in spite of being the most perfect day for sailing, only two of our 4 groups booked in turned up. This ended up to be a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY for Royal Far West, who sent 5 children down, and for Fisher Rd School, who also sent 5 children. We also had a member of the community, Omid, who came down for a sail. Adrian, Alan, Dylan, Amy and Oscar came from Royal Far West, and Kyle, Eddie, Nathaniel, Maia and James from Fisher Rd.

Slideshow of, notice who is sailing this boat, John B with Nathaniel, John P with Amy in Black Swan, Ivan with Oscar in Alexander Martin, John B with Alan in Vin, with his arm stroking the water. Kyle enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

The weather was perfect, the wind a very gentle but even 5 to 10 know Northerly. Kyle and Eddie took great pleasure from training their hands in the water, Maia enjoyed a snooze as she sailed around.

For this, we had 20 volunteers on deck who managed to keep themselves occupied doing little jobs around the place which needed to be done, drink lots of coffee, and eat all the biscuits Wilma had provided.

Thanks Brian, who was our Sailing Coordinator for the day, Ken, Tony, Helen, Wilma, John W, Rob, Malcolm, Peter, John, Jim, Ivan, Steve, Warwick, Corey, John B, Michael, David, Peter and Denis.