What a beautiful day it turned out to be today. Fairly warm for this time of the year, with a very pleasant 10 to 12 knot South Westerly breeze, until this increased just as we were about to finish sailing for today.

A couple of groups had cancelled the day before, as the weather that day had not been suitable, and they decided to play it safe.

Our fantastic team of Tony, Ella, Wilma, Warwick, Helen, Claire, Helen, Alice, Denis, David W, David G., Jim, Jasmin, Ivan, Vince, Michael, Alan and Helene took turns in the roles they took to make the day a successful one.

It was great to see Jasmin picking up Charlie’s Chariot from the mooring, and return it later in the day.

Our numbers were a little down from the usual. James came down with Min, Elsa brought Allyssa, Susan and Ben.

Bri brought Jarod. Then Julie brought Bec and Helen. Anna and Kerri came from Washington House, then Adonis and Judy from Wandella. Jackie, Tess and Diane came from Housing Connection, with helper Kunder.

Last of all was Ollie, with Mum, Colleen.

Slideshow of Claire, Ella our volunteers, and Susan from Balmoral House on Charlie’s Chariot plus Helene and Helen from Cooyong, Hugo and Judy in Eli D, Alan and Jim enjoying the lunch break .

It was great day for Alan today. He is back at sailing as a result of receiving his new, super-smart wheelchair, which travels easily in the bus. He no longer needs his car or his walker outside, making life a whole lot easier for him, and much more exciting. He admits to feeling that today was only 25% successful, as the sailing was more difficult now than it had been a year ago. He needs a lot more practice before he is back to where he was last year.

Also presenting herself this morning was Judith, who we have not seen for about 3 years. She will be sailing solo in Alan Wood after David W fixes the switch and obtains a new set of batteries and a charger that works well.

Thank goodness for the 2 David’s as we had a couple of breakages today, which will be repaired as soon as possible. One of the hoists came detached from its base, luckily with no ill effects to anyone, and one of the sun shelters needs some repairs after about 15 years of very good service. Helene coped beautifully with Woody, when the steering line detached, and she needed to manoeuvre herself and the boat back to the pontoon without a working joy-stick. But all can be fixed, and will be, so that we can go sailing again next Wednesday.