This was the day we’d all been waiting for. Sunshine at last after 3 days of constant, heavy, driving rain, and a steady southerly breeze at around 10 knots forecast for the morning.

Our wonderful team of volunteers arrived early to put out 6 boats because we were expecting several strong sailors, and a morning-full of participants.

Ken was our excellent Sailing Coordinator of the day, a little anxious that the wind would rise beyond our limits, and that all rules would be carried out today.

Support Boat Driver: Warwick, with observer Allison, then Corey, and photographer Jennie.

Sailors: John W, Ivan, Brian, John P, back after a long recovery time after shoulder surgery, Rob, Peter.

Help up on deck, new volunteer Heather, Tamara.

Registrar: Helen.

Time Keeper; Ray, radio Corey, then Denis.

Pontoon Manager, Eli, and help on the pontoon, new volunteer Ian, Kath.

Thanks so much to this team, hard-working, efficient and very safety conscious.

Slideshow of The Royal Far West Team, Peter and Caitlyn in Woody, Bridget and Rob in Vin, look who’s steering Riley getting his hands wet, and John P in Black Swan then Heather and Alessandro in Charlie’s Chariot

We started with our Royal Far West Participants: Connor, Caitlin, Shacena, Bridget, and Annie. They all enjoyed their sail, with Bridget especially up for a special mention because she took the helm, and just sailed her way around Manly Cove with very little prompting from her sailor, Rob.

Stephen wandered down from next door to experience a long sail with Ivan.

Riley, Miguel, Gigi, Grace came from Arranounbai. Warmly dressed, and very excited, these children jumped or were placed in boats, and had a beautiful sail in the fresh breeze, which was dropping by that time.

Alastair, Gabriela, and Alessandro flew over from AFFORD, Ashfield to spend a relaxing day in Manly, including a sail and a picnic lunch afterwards.

Then Hayley, Maria and Cameron came from Epping Achieve, and really loved their journey around Manly Cove.

Thanks so much to our new helpers this morning, Heather and Ian; the Supervisors who came with our participants, and to the whole of our excellent team.