The weather forecast was for a day with ‘a few showers’, but the wind was perfect, the sky grey, the ground quite dry, so we decided to go ahead. Fewer than usual core volunteers arrived, but there were several new, eager to learn volunteers, and a few people booked in.

Slideshow of Michael and Ella, (Black Swan), Francesca and Joh in Woody and Yui and John in ING.

We determined that we would have fewer boats out, as we had less than the usual sailors, put the shelters up, and went ahead. By this time, the rain was constant, so it was obviously a good time to call everyone back, preferably before our participant sailors became wet and miserable.

Thanks so much for coming in spite of the ‘bad’ weather call: Ivan, Natasha, John, Francesca, Sandie, John, Helen, Harriet, Ken, Yui, Ella, Claire, Kate, Millie, Warwick, Denis, Michael, Wilma, David, Tony, Marc, Helene. And our participant sailors who went home without a sail: Daniel, Chris, James, Stephen, Judy and Adonis.