A wonderful Autumn morning with a very light South Easterly breeze made for a great morning sail for our students from Freshwater High; Danny, Malena and Emma. Then a new group for Monday mornings arrived from Sunnyfield in French’s Forest; Luke, Jocelyn, Rodney, Rebecca, Donny and Ben. This morning, Rodney and Jocelyn preferred a ride in Charlie’s Chariot, while Rebecca chose to watch the proceedings, but Ben, Donny and Luke went off for a sail. Hopefully, next time we will have them all in sailing dinghies.

Slideshow of Peter and Jim in Dolly Wallis, Noah and Malcolm in Woody, David W and Carlo, Danielle in Vin,
Rosemary and Warwick in ING and Ben and Michael in Alex Martin.

Rosemary arrived with Kel from Royal Rehab. This is the next contender for Paralympic glory, having sailed for a number of years. This morning, Warwick checked that all was in order, so next time, Rosemary will be sailing solo.

Jonathan came down, then Stephen, and our day really got going when the wind improved slightly for the visit of the BIRDS. Carlo, Patrick, Steve, Peter, Ian, the 2 Alans and Brad all sailed with a Sailability partner, but Danielle took off on her own. Stuart, Dianne, Catherine and Denise preferred to sit and watch in comfort from the deck. Noah, a new sailor from Oatlands, arrived with his helper, Arturo. Noah shows great signs of enjoying his sailing after the long drive, and will certainly come again. The day was topped off with a beautiful gesture of appreciation from our BIRDS group. Thanks so much for this gesture, it is very much appreciated by every one of our Volunteer Team.

This morning, this consisted of:

Jennie, back from her cycling trip to Portugal, David W in Charlie’s Chariot, Warwick, Ray, back from his long stay in hospital, then recuperation at home, Helen at the registration desk, Denis, helping on the deck, sailors: Malcolm, John, Brian, Jim, John, Michael, new helper; Ted. Extra helpers today on the deck and pontoon were Sheila, Corey, and Marc. A great team on a perfect sailing day.