What a fabulous evening this was, thrown in at a very busy time, between planning for the President’s Cup, a couple of sailing days on top of each other, planning the sailing program for the coming season, and repairs to the boats.

48 people gathered at Manly Yacht Club hall for this 22nd Anniversary. There were exclamations of surprise at that moment of recognition when people see each other for the first time, dressed in clothes that are totally different from our sailing uniform. Some are barely recognisable, but when we all start talking, it is immediately apparent that we know each other well. Our State Member walked in the door just a few moments after we started the proceedings, and this was also a moment of recognition for some of our guests, who realised that he had been at school with them.

Slideshow off Eli receiving a very special gift from James.  Some of the happy guests, Yui and Betty, with Betty’s son as a slide in the background and our volunteer of the year, David and his guitar.

A tasty meal was provided by Brazilian Barbecue, and as usual it was wonderful. A beautiful blend of flavours, all served outside on this lovely balmy evening.

We heard a couple of well thought out speeches, played a quick game of Last Man Standing. Then it was David Goldner’s Evening. He held us spellbound while he played his guitar, sang a couple of his own songs, and kept us entertained.

Then was the moment of the evening. David was declared Volunteer of the Year for 2018.

Dessert was served, and as on all Volunteer occasions, the volunteers who were there packed everything away, cleaned up and put away.

Thanks so much to the committee who planned this perfect evening: Tamara, Tara and Eli, and also to Michael and Denis who came early in the afternoon to set up the room. Tamara, your table decorations were fantastic. Tara, the lanterns hanging from the ceiling made everything look so fresh, clean and welcoming, and the tables so carefully set with white table-cloths, smart serviettes and cup-lights set the mood for a fabulous evening. A great evening for everyone who came, planned and carried it out.