Team for today: Hard Working Sailing Coordinator: Ken.
Support Boat Driver: Allison.
Observer: Corey
Pontoon Manager: Brian Stitt, with a couple of change overs while people had a sail.
Photographer: Ros, a very difficult job today because of the strong winds, waves whipping into Charlie’s Chariot, and the speed of the sailing boats caught up in the gusts. The photos are fantastic, Ros, thank you so much for persevering.

Slideshow of Notice the roughness of the water, Helene and Jed in Dolly Wallis, 3 happy boys in Charlie’s Chariot,
Rob and David in Dolly Wallis, Peter and SaraJane and a breaking wave in ING

Very sea-wise sailors today were: Ivan, Jim, Peter, Warwick, Brian, John, Michael, Helene, Steve, David W. We were lucky to have so many sailors down there because of the changeovers needed in the strong breeze and swell.

Tamara was on the radio and Time-keeping, David W was doing running repairs and helping on the pontoon, along with Marc on the winch, Denis up on deck and helping with the time-keeping, Tara was a magnificent help on the pontoon, and Maleea arrived in time to help us put everything away.

We started the morning with our special class from Dee Why Primary. 17 in the class this year, and full of energy. Some had a ride on Charlie’s Chariot, all had a sail in the strong breeze, and some had a go on each. These children were amazingly well behaved, and extraordinarily brave. Most went back to school quite wet because of the waves breaking over the side of the boats. Melissa, Isaac, Felix, Riley 1 and Riley 2, Jade, Jed, Lowanna, Jekobi, Oliver, Mia, Sienna, Nalaos, Alan, Charles, Karen, Malachi, we salute you. They had just about finished when the rain came down. That did not deter them at all if they were out on the water, however, those waiting their turn found shelter in the boat rooms until the rain eased.

Then we started working with the other groups, Sarah Jane and Jon came from Sargood. Rosemary came from Royal Rehab, Karina brought Jonathan, who preferred Charlie’s Chariot this morning.

Nicholas, Rob W and Rob F, Elvis, Nelson, Scott, Molly, Shelley and Charley came from Unisson with a variety of helpers.

Then we had Andrew, from Achieve, and a couple of others who chose to sit in the newly developed sunshine, out of the wind. Thank you so much for all the helpers this morning, it was great to see you helping with each other’s groups when necessary to make the movement from deck to pontoon more efficient.

How beautiful was it to see Ray down there this morning with his Occupational Therapist? It is 5 months since we have seen Ray after his accident last December, but he hasn’t forgotten us, and is living to get back to volunteering on the Time-keeping Radio Table. Now that we know it is safe, we will see him often, and absolutely enjoy the company.