This morning’s beautiful weather brought a great team of volunteers, and 30 sailing participants down to Manly Sailability to sail, hang around, have a wonderful morning tea with our Freshwater Bendigo Bank sponsors, and generally enjoy the fresh air.

Our team for today was led by the very efficient Sailing Coordinator, Allison, aided and definitely abetted by:

Pontoon Manager, Tara; Support Boat Driver, Brian; Photographer, Joy; Observer, Corey; Sailors, Jim, Steve, Peter, Rob, David W, Michael, David G, Denis.

Helpers on the top deck were Helen, Ros and Wilma. Helpers on the pontoon were Marc, Tamara, and whoever was not sailing at the time.

Slideshow of Rob and Cyrus are in Dolly Wallis, Joseph and David are in ING, Leo is in Alexander Martin with Warwick, Rob and Rafferty in Dolly Wallis, Justin is in Eli D with Jim Gale , Tony from Freshwater Bendigo Bank in Charlie’s Chariot. Our friends and the Board Members from Freshwater Bendigo Bank.

Freshwater Bank Board members; Simmone, Greg and Tony came down to check out the new shelter they have provided us with recently, with Simmone chatting to our helpers and participants, and Greg and Tony helping on the Support Boat.

Jenny and Craig brought Paxton, Rafferty, John, Josie, Gracie and Ethan for their sail. These children come from country areas of NSW for some medical and educational help. This makes it a very interesting group to meet each month, with different children from different areas. This time, the kids were from Albury, Cooma, Mudgee, etc, and many have not seen much water before, certainly not stretched out in front of them like a blanket.

Sarah, Laura and Romana brought their wonderful little boys from Verne Barnett. Callum, Carson, Cyrus, Joseph, Justin and Mason. There was plenty of time between the groups this morning, so these children were rewarded with a ride on Charlie’s Chariot as well as a sail.

Karina brought Jonathan and his Care-Puppy for his calming sail, then Jack and Chelsea arrived from BecosWeCare.

Lauren Jess and Barbara brought Vanessa, Ben, Rodney, Rebecca, and Luke from Sunnyfield.

Last of all, Natalie and Kris brought Gabbriela, Lauren, Alistair and Alessandro from AFFORD in Ashfield.

It was an exciting morning, notably because Steve decided to go for an unexpected swim while he was dropping a rudder in to an unsecured boat, and because Luke decided that his plastic car would like to go speeding across Manly Cove in the water, rather than with him on his 303. Both were retrieved, a little bit wet but non the worse for the swim.

A special thanks also to our carers this morning. It is wonderful when we get a sense of cooperation, and carers helping with each other’s groups where necessary, as well as helping on the pontoon and deck.