What a great morning we had!! The weather was absolutely perfect, with a South Easterly breeze exactly right for our participants.

Our team for today was stupendous, led by our Sailing Coordinator Extraordinaire: David W.

Sailors were: Ivan, Denis, Crosbie, Mitch, Mal, David G, Michael.

Slideshow of Millie and David in ING, Kate and Mal in Black Swan, Ivan and Marlies in Vin,
Noah and Mal in Black Swan, Denis and Fiona in Woody and 4 hardworking ladies on the pontoon.

A fabulous group of new helpers today were: Millie and Kate doing their Duke of Edinburgh Awards, Marlies, friend of Su Ann, who stuck to the time keeping, and Erika, who came all the way from Surrey in the UK to give us a hand.

Registrar was Helen, Wilma the chef, Tony on the radio, Scott and Maleea mainly on the pontoon, Tara alternating between the deck and the pontoon wherever she saw the need, Jasmin a great help on Charlie’s Chariot, our Support Boat driver, Warwick, Photographer, Ken. What a team!!!

Our sailing participants today were also a marvellous group: Stephen, Noah, Ollie, Judy, James and Ben, Vanessa, Sam, Adonis, Shelby, Matthew and Fiona.