This morning’s gorgeous weather pointed the way to a fabulous morning’s sailing.

Zac came down with 2 helpers this morning, Danny and Ben. While Zac was helped into a sailing dinghy, Danny and Ben found their spot in Charlie’s Chariot, with Danny well on his way now to achieving his Power Boat License, and Ben observing. Zac is enjoying his sailing, as well as making sure that his sailor is thoroughly dampened in warm sea water.

Jonathon arrived with his carer and went off for a sail next. Then Anna, Georgia and Rhian arrived with Tim, Simon, Peter, and Vicki arrived with Jake, then Alicia came with Paula.

Millie, Leesa, John and Elias arrived with Kellie, then Shunaoy, Mathew, Rodney, and 2 Chris’s came with Ronan.

Some sailed, some didn’t, but all had a great time enjoying the atmosphere at Manly, the beautiful fresh air, the incredible weather for this time of the year, and the scenery enhanced by the young children having their holiday sailing camp.

Slideshow of Volunteers setting up before sailing, Jonathan and Steve in Alexander Martin, Brian and Paul in Dolly Wallis, Brian and Mathew in Black Swan, Tara and Chris in Eli D.

Our crew this morning helped to make the day a smooth one, with special thanks to Wilma for stopping off at Coles on the way for a kilo of grapes to nibble on through the morning.

Our Sailing Coordinator was Helen; Pontoon Manager,
Malcolm; Power Boat Driver,
Allison; Photographer,
Ken; Observer, Peter W
Sailors, Rob, Ivan, Peter S, Jim, Steve, John, Brian, and sailing as a Carer Sailor for the first time, after weeks of practise sessions was Tara. Congratulatons on this mile-stone, Tara.

We were helped up on deck by Corey on the radio, Wilma and Helen taking registrations, Tamara with life-jacket fitting, Ruby helping with Jonathon’s companion dog, and Denis and Michael doing some boat repairs.

Tara was helping on the pontoon until she plucked up the courage to go for a sail, when David G and Marc arrived to help with the putting away. Tamara’s 2 children were a wonderful help for us this morning, with Thomas keeping us all amused, and Ruby helpng with the dog, and other small tasks as they occurred. David W was everywhere, helping to make our aged radio work until we have time to access a new one, helping with the hoist, and helping on Charlie’s Chariot.

What a great team we make.