A gloomy weather forecast turned out to be the perfect sailing day for us. Sunshine, blue skies and a perfect 6 to 8 knot south easterly breeze helped 23 sailors have a wonderful morning.

Ashley, Jake, Anna and Nathan came from Royal Far West to either sit in the sun and enjoy it, or sail in the case of Ashley, or go for a ride in Charlie’s Chariot.

Kaelen, Jillian, Rachel, Isabella, Jackson, Archie and Jin came down from Arranounbai School. They had the best possible time darting around Manly Cove with our volunteers on a sailing boat, or had a ride on Charlie’s Chariot. Kaelen did both. Our special seating was very well used this morning to keep these guys comfortable.

Slideshow of Kaelen from Arranounbai in CC, Jack and Denis in Vin,
Ashley and Jim in ING, Keiran with John in Eli D

Achieve from Epping arrived next, with helper, Andre. Andrew, Kieran, Thomas, Audrey and Andre had their turn in the sailing dinghies.

Then Zac arrived with Daniel. Surely Zac’s favourite activity of the week, as he moves straight into a life-jacket, commandeers the next boat to come in, waves for the camera, trails his hand in the water, smiles at the world and has a fantastic sail.

After being held up for more than an hour in this morning’s horrendous traffic jam on the Harbour Bridge, AFFORD arrived from Ashfield with helpers, Kris and Sunita. They were happy to exchange this hot form of transport for a cool, calming sail on Manly Cove. Sandy rode in Charlie’s Chariot, while Jack, Gabriella, Andrew and Joshua enjoyed their sail, then went for a picnic lunch before heading back to Ashfield.

Our crew for today was headed up by the wonderful Warwick, with Rob then Allison on the Support Boat, sailors: Ivan, Denis, Peter, Brian, Steve, Malcolm, John, Michael, 2 Jims. Malcolm was Pontoon Manager, Wilma was our most efficient registrar, Corey and Peter were Time keeper and Radio operator, Ken was the photographer, Ros helped up on deck and on the pontoon, Tara was everywhere, including transport going home, Joy fitted in wherever she was needed, Tamara worked constantly on the pontoon. Marc arrived later to help with the putting away.