The beautiful Autumn morning is continuing our run of beautiful weather so far this year.

Our team for today was:
Sailing Coordinator: Ken
Others: John W, Wilma, Lyn, Helen, Su Ann, David G, David W, Nikki, Jim, Michael, Denis, Vince and Marc helping in a variety of ways.

Slideshow of David, Support Boat Driver, Ben, Kerrie and Denis in ING. Plus other sailing participants.

Our participants were: James and Ben, Anna, Kerrie and Ashley from Washington House, Arthur, Sean, Ra and Seb from Sargood, Judy, Vanessa, Niko.

We want to thank the carers who came down this morning for their cooperation with us and each other in helping to provide our participants with a careful hand getting into and out of boats.

The beautiful photos show that everyone had a wonderful time.