This was indeed an empty cupboard day….. there were no boats left in the boat room, no piece of equipment unused, no spare volunteers for a chat with the participants, just everyone working together to make it an amazing day for our participants.

By a series of coincidences we had a few more participants than we normally manage, and with everyone cooperating, everybody who wanted got a sail, a ride on Charlie’s Chariot, and some lucky ones got both. This was because of a combination of the beautiful weather on the day, the dedication of our volunteers and the patience of our guests.

Slideshow of Eli Liam and Michael in ING Harry and John B in Vin Rizwan and Poppy in Woody
(Tempo) Maria-Carmela and Peter in Eli D Matthew, Shannon and Carer in CC Steve sailing solo in Clea.

Our tem for today starts with the incredible leadership skills of Sheila, our Sailing Day Coordinator.
Driving the Support Boat was Warwick, with Ken as observer.
Pontoon Manager was Eli, with help from John W, Kel from Royal Rehab, Tamara, a new volunteer, Ros, and Michael.
Sailors were: Ivan, Peter S, Brian, Michael, John B, Peter W, Helene, Denis.
Registrar was Helen,
Radio and Time Keeper Corey,
Extra help on deck: Tony, Ian, Marc.

What a team !!!!

The reasons for the empty cupboard were our 41 participants:
22 from Truscott St School: Emaan, Manvir, Tyson, Riarna, Jeng-Wei, Alexander, Mia, Rizwan, Harry, Zara, James, Jessica, Sion, Suel, Ricky, Maria-Carmela, Tom, Ruby, Jazmine, Annabelle, Ethan, Liam. We have had some of these students coming down to us now for 6 years, twice a year. Every year, a couple go off to High School and a few others join the group. Amazing growth has been seen in all, and they do love their sailing sessions.

2 from House With No Steps; Mikey and Ross.

8 from Unisson French’s Forest: Adrian, Millie, Warren, Anthony, Stuart, Peter, Rhian, Vicki.

2 from Unissson St Ives: Leesa and Elias.

4 from Choose and Connect. Matthew, Chris, Rodney, Shennon.

We had 2 people from the community: Johnathan and Zac

Stephen came from Royal rehab and sailed solo for the first time ever.

What a fabulous group of people, waiting patiently for their turn and relishing it when it happened. Of course a huge thank you to all of their helpers, carers and family who came to enjoy the scenery and the morning tea, and ended up lending a welcome hand.