Today was very worthwhile for lots of reasons. After a couple of days of extreme heat, then thunderstorms with heavy rain, at last there was a day with a pleasant temperature, a large amount of cloud, and perfect wind conditions for a good sailing day. Our fabulous Wednesday team arrived down at Manly Yacht Club and put out 5 303’s, expecting enough sailors and sailing participants for this to be the perfect number. Being early in the year, we don’t really expect our participants to arrive early, so this gave us the opportunity to send out the volunteers who want to learn to sail, or have some sailing practise out with our more experienced sailors.

Finally, at around 10.30, our participant sailors started to arrive. Zac went off with Steve and enjoyed getting thoroughly wet. Then Leesa, Oliver, Greg, Jamie, Alan and Elias arrived with Kit from Unisson St Ives. After a pleasant, extended sail, Manish, from Sunnyfield French’s Forest came down with Luke, Donny, Vanessa, Ben, Rodney and Jenny, who chose not to sail, just walked up and down the deck, supervising all that was happening.

Our close-knit team today was:
Sailing Coordinator; Helen, who did a fabulous job.
Life-jackets: Wilma.
Freshly instructed sailor, Ken, who absorbed his lesson with Denis, then worked on the pontoon.
Radio operators Corey, instructing Tony, who also went for a sailing lesson with John.
Support Boat crew: Warwick, Jenny, Allison, Daniel, and later Tara and Wilma.
Sailors: Ivan, Denis, Peter, Helene, John, Malcolm, Steve, Jim.
Pontoon personnel: Marc, Jim, Malcolm.

The de-rigging, putting away program worked like a dream today, everything washed, stacked and put away in under half an hour.

What a great team, and a perfect morning.