A magnificent team of new and old volunteers came this morning to put our as many were available to accommodate the groups of people we were expecting to sail with us on this very sunny morning, with temperatures expected to peak at around 38 degrees, with light North Westerlies blowing.

Caroline was our very alert Sailing Coordinator.
Sailors: Ivan, Jet, Warwick, Denis, Jim, Peter, Ian, David G, Vince, Michael, Helene, Jannie swapping and changing during the morning.
Pontoon Manager; John.
Charlies Chariot Drivers: John W, Scott, Danny, Barry. Observer Ken, photographer Maleea.
Chefs: Jet and Ben.
Radio operator: Lyn.
Registrar: Wilma.
Help on the deck: Bastien, Ken, Troy, Tony.
New volunteers: Virginia, Nordi, Paul.

What a great team!!!! Thank you so much for your wonderful help today.

Participant sailors today were: From Sargood: Greg, David, Matt and his children Gordon and Naeve.
From Washington: Kerrie and Anna with Russell.
James and Ben.
Phillip, George, Judy from the local community.
Then Kookaburras: Donny, Elyce, Tom, Terese, Bart, Rodney, Heidi, Daniel.
Later on Sammy with another Russell. Matthew with his helper.
Lastly Lily, Alfred, Josh, Jordan, An, Eltham, Ali, Andrew, Nick, along with Ben and Joseph and many other helpers from Waitara After Hours Group.

Maleea took some great pictures of people having fun, Phillip took his first steps in learning to sail, Jet took out some participants for the first time after having had several sailing lessons. Lots of people needed the hoist today, so some more of our volunteers needed to learn the skills of using it.