With Warwick as our very capable Sailing Coordinator, we were off to a great start for Sailability 2018.

Volunteer numbers were fewer than expected, but all 18  – including our very welcome new Volunteers, Jasmine, Paul and Grant- worked together and made a great team. Hopefully, as we get into the year, Rostered Volunteers who are unable to attend will let the Sailing Coordinator of the day know, so that we can fill the spaces. A huge thank you this morning, not only to the new volunteers, but also to Barry, who, with his usual efficiency skippered Charlie’s Chariot,  and Sarah who observed, to sailors Denis, David, Helene, John, Michael, Jim and Ian, photographer, Grant, Tony and Lyn on the radio, Registrar, Helen, Pontoon Managers Jasmin and Paul, Jannie helping wherever necessary.

A huge thank you to the groups and their carers, who helped in lots of ways, with their own participants, and to make the day go smoothly. A feature of the morning was Belle, who sailed for the first time in her life with David. What a smile, and such chattering going on, and a lovely thank you at the end of the day. Helene was lucky that Charlie’s Chariot was near with help when her mainsail came adrift, and was rapidly replaced.

Participants today were: Mark, Lauren, (first sailors for 2018)  Sophie, Adam, Ros and Kate, Chris, Robert and Daniel from Rap’n’Rave; Anna, Kerrie, Ashley and spectator, Grant from Washington House; Will with Daniel from Trilogy Disability; Belle, Cameron, Jordan, Jayne from Sargood; Judy with helper Rita; Elyce, Holman, Tom, Therese, Heidi from Kookaburras; and finally, Diane, Jackie, Tess, from Housing Connection, and Ollie with Colleen. Helpers; Emma, Greg, Seb, Fiona were wonderful in the way that they helped the day go smoothly.

Thank you to everyone for your cooperation and for what you personally contributed to help make today’s sailing so successful.