Well, what can I say? This morning’s early forecast was for no rain until after 3.00 p.m. A flurry of showers blew in at 8.30 just as we were putting the boats out. A look at the radar showed that it would quickly move away, so we waited a while, then put the boats out, checked with the groups that they were still on their way, and continued as if nothing had happened. Unfortunately, one group had already started their participants on a different activity, so the other 3 groups had an extended sail using the South Easterly breeze that had blown the clouds away and was now creating beautiful conditions on Manly Cove.

Sunnyfield French’s Forest brought Luke, Rodney, Ben, and Adonis, with helpers Nathan and Danny. Ben and Rodney managed a sail as well as a ride in Charlie’s Chariot.

Daniel brought Zac who decided to smile all the way through his sail

Kell from Royal Re-hab brought Steve, who is now ready to attempt a Solo sail in Clea next time.

Choose and Connect from Ryde brought 2 Chris’s, Shannon and Rodney.

AFFORD Ashfield brought Adam, Alessandro, Gabriela, Lauren, Usamah. Alessandro chose a ride on Charlie’s Chariot as he is feeling it is too much effort for him to get into the sailing boat. Our success story to day is all about Gabriela, who loves sailing so much, she is going to talk her Mum into taking her sailing at her local Sailability on week-ends.

Wonderful things happen when we have a winning team, and that was the case this morning.
Sailing Coordinator, David,
Pontoon Manager, Eli
Power Boat Driver, John W, with apprentice, Allison
Observer Corey,
Registrar, Helen,
Life-jacket manager, Wilma,
Radio and Time Keeper, Ray,
Up on deck, help from Tony and Denis.
On the pontoon, help from Marc and people who were not sailing at the time.
Sailors, Peter, Jennie, Michael, Rob, Helene, Malcolm, Steve, Ivan all did a fabulous job keeping our activity moving along, so that started late, but finished at a reasonable time.

Thanks very much to Brian who dropped in to say hello, and brought us a lovely Christmas gift, and to Jennie, who went across the road to bring us a yummy morning tea-bun.