Just a very small team arrived this morning to set up for our St Andrew’s College Sailing Day. Having expected a much larger team, there followed some frantic phone calls until we created a team that could work. Thank you so much to Tony, Wilma, Scott, David W, Ken, Ivan, Helen, Barry, Ros, Denis, Michael, Vince and Marc. Everyone took over any job that was needed, and we managed some amazing achievements today.dolly

Ken drove Charlie’s Chariot under the supervision of Barry, who is not yet strong enough after his incredible recovery. Marc took the photos, Scott proved his worth as a sailor in strong breezes. Other sailors were; Denis, Michael, Vince, David, Ivan. Tony and Ros took on radio operators and time-keepers, while Helen, Wilma, and Eli managed everything else on this unbelievably busy day.

Tim and Will came down from Trilogy Disability. Will managed to don a life-jacket and walk as far as the pontoon, then came to a full stop. Next time, he will manage to sit in a boat, which we know he really wants to do, but is having a problem plucking up the courage. Tim calmly walked to the pontoon after donning a life-jacket, stepped into the boat that was waiting, and went for a lengthy sail in the strong breeze. When he returned, he also wanted a go on Charlie’s Chariot, but that did not eventuate this morning. We have identified some challenges for these boys, which will slowly become achievements.

Then our St Andrews team arrived with their companions and other helpers. A huge group for our small area, but we sat them outside, and called each person as a boat became available. A great team effort; Brady, Ethan, Joel, Scott, Felise, Alexander, Charlotte, Will, Rebecca, Lockie, Luca, Cameron, Bradley, Mark, Bridie, Nam got to sail, with their companions watching from the side. Team leaders Lachie and Alex helped enormously with the organisation of the group. We had around 40 children, chef’s, photographers, and students, all out to have an experience that will never be repeated. A most satisfying experience for St Andrews Students, and our Sailability Volunteers.