What could be better than today. We brought together some amazing stories of overcoming adversity, joined them together with a sensational sailing day, a super team of helpers, a superb sailing group and came up with today.

7 months after being taken to hospital after an accident linked to some severe health issues, Barry retuned to sailing, half the size but with twice the vigour. Oh, what a smile…on Charlie’s Chariot, out on the water sailing with grandson, Luke, Barry is now the picture of health.

Tony turns 50 this week, what a milestone in this young man’s life.

Alan also returned to sailing this morning, after many months of trying to regain the courage and level of fitness he needed after a few battles with accident and illness.

Sam came back after a less than pleasant experience a few weeks ago, and what a fabulous day he chose to do this.

And, most amazing of all, Ray has not been in a boat for over two years. He is the Time-Keeper, not a sailor, but today was just too gorgeous to resist, and we have photos to prove it.

Congratulations to all of these.

We started bright and early with our mates from Rap’n’Rave; Adam, Dan, Chris, Ros with helpers Karl and Ivy.

Regular sailors Ben and James were next, with Mum, Betty.

Alan plucked up courage and drove himself down.

Anna and Kerrie arrived for a sail with Russell.

Sam decided that he would return with Rebecca.

Then Phillip arrived and elected to wait until he had the very best sailor on Manly Cove as his companion.

Last of all, Nina, with the expressive range of signs and her mate Annette, decided to drop her glasses in the water and loved the feeling of the water on her hands.

Our most fabulous team ever this morning was:
Sailing Coordinator Extraordinaire, David W.
Pontoon Manager: The wonderful John.
Support Boat Drivers: Warwick, then Mal.
Observers: Luke, Barry.
Photographer: Scott, Eli
Sailors: Jay, Mal, Jim G, John, David G, Peter, Helene, Michael, Jannie
Life-jackets: Wilma
Time Keeper: Ray, then Lyn
Help up on deck: Ros, Tony, Denis, David P, Ryan and Liam.
Help on the pontoon: Jim Q, Ros
Chef, Jet and Shelley.