The extra effort our volunteers put in today was greatly appreciated, as we still have some people missing because of surgery, holidays, or uni exams. Our wonderful team consisted of Helen, the registrar, Ray, the Time Keeper and radio operator, Tony helping up on deck, Wilma managing life-jackets.

Down on the pontoon, we had Pontoon Manager, Jim, helpers Malleea and Scott, sailors Denis, Jim, Ivan, Peter, John (first timer). On Charlie’s Chariot, Vince was the skipper, Khy the observer, Ken the photographer. Eli held it all together, sort of, as the Sailing Coordinator. The most hard working team ever.

These few people managed to take 23 people sailing.

First of all, James and Ben. Both of these young men got a tow out with Charlie’s Chariot to where the breeze was sailable, on the other side of Manly Cove. Ollie, Anna, Kerrie, Ashley took off for a sail with great enjoyment, then Judy, Phillip and Vanessa arrived and had their sail. Jackie, Tess and Duncan went out for a run in Charlie’s Chariot. Then Robert, Alyssa and Ben arrived with Elsa to go for their sail.

Nina came with her bag full of treasures, but sensibly left it up on the pontoon while she went sailing. Next, Sam arrived, to go off for a sail with Ivan, while his friend, Rebecca watched from Charlie’s Chariot. Just when we thought it was safe to start putting boats away, our Jellybean friend from Creativity Inc arrived with Rose. Even though we had already passed our time limit, we decided that they should not miss out on their sail, so off went Rubi, Josh, Jayden, Jack and Lachlan.

We cannot finish without mentioning the hard work of our bi-annual visitor, Khy, who comes down and pours her heart into her work, helping with rigging, observing, towing, washing and putting away boats, never mentioning how tired she is getting. Thank you, Khy, you were a great help to us today.