Warwick and Eli attended a session called “Way To Go” at Northern Beaches Connect . It was a training session for Volunteer Coordinators and included topics such as Recruitment, Training, Volunteer Management, Recognising Volunteers. It was an excellent course and provided lots of insight into our role. The best thing about it is that all of the course input is available on a web-site, so that we can constantly check that we are going the right way to build up our Volunteer Base, and to maintain it at the excellent level we have already achieved.

Warwick concentrating hard at the Way2Go course for Volunteer Coordinators

Helen, Wilma, Denis and Michael helped at a Community Centre Expo to promote our activity in the Community of Northern Beaches. It was well run, but unfortunately there was not much publicity in the community sector. It was pouring with rain early in the morning, and by the time the weather cleared, it was too late to set up the barbecue outside. Also, a huge truck parked right in the entry way to the Community Centre, so that the people inside had a wonderful time finding out about all the activities available in the community, but we did not see many outsiders. However, we did have one taker, Ken Hopley, who used to volunteer with us many years ago.

Wilma at the Northern Beaches Community Forum

After a busy sailing day, several of our Volunteers attended a free Movie Night at Warriewood Theatres, where Murder On the Orient Express was playing as a Free Show for Volunteers on the northern Beaches, arranged by Community Connect.

This was a terrific evening’s entertainment, not only an excellent movie, but also a great way to get to know other volunteers in our community. 10 Sailability Volunteers attended.

Helen and Eli attended the Brunch for the renaming process of UNISSON disability, which used to be the Sunshine Group. They are a number of the groups that have been sailing with us for several years, on a Wednesday. Unisson Groups come from French’s Forest, St Ives, Pymble. They are very impressed with Sailability and will continue to come as long as we program them into our Wednesday sessions. After a delightful brunch, we were able to have a look around their premises, which includes the latest developments in care for their participants, including a sensory room, which is magnificent, a sea room, a jungle, a Music Room. We were able to say hello to lots of our sailors, who looked as if they were having an enjoyable time in the various rooms. It was good to see our new Patron, Michael Regan there and have a long chat, as well as several of the people who have helped us to develop into the active group that we are now.

Eli with some of the rest of the class.