Gorgeous weather, lovely volunteers, beautiful participants, what more could we want to make our Monday generous, exciting, fruitful and delicious?

Just a very small team set out the boats, our minimum of 12 so that we had a Sailing Coordinator: David, Pontoon Manager, Eli; Registrar: Helen, Radio; Corey; Power Boat Driver; Warwick, Observer; Ken, helper on deck; Nancy,

Pontoon helper: Kadou, sailors; Ivan, Malcolm, Peter, Michael, Denis, Col.

We took some toys in the boats so that we could play a few games out on the water, but the sailing was so exciting, I think people forgot about the water pistols and tennis balls. Malena, Danny, Lucy, Emma, from Freshwater High managed a very long sail while we waited for SEALS to arrive. Then Jake, Nikita, Tom, Alistair, Doug, jumped into the boats and off they went as the heat continued to rise, and the wind became a little choppy.

Just as they were thinking they had had enough, our BIRDS arrived: Brad, Stuart, Danielle, Katherine, Kris, Alan, James, Patrick, Carlo, Jonathan.

With the 12 of us working quickly as a team, it didn’t take long to put everything back in place, so that we were able to go home before the huge weather change, which saw the 35 degrees or so with a light North Easterly change dramatically in less than half an hour to 20 degrees, with a very strong south westerly 25 knot breeze.