We couldn’t have asked for a better sailing day for our 2 Monday sailing groups. We needed only a limited Volunteer Group, as we had a limited number of people coming. The helpers put 6 boats out, then added a seventh to accommodate Sarah, the Paralympic Physio, come to look at the Hansa 303, which will be one of the next Paralympic boats.

So, a shortened crew consisting of Tony, Corey, Wilma, Warwick, Jennie, Col, Barry, Jackie, Jim, Ivan, Helen, Ken, Michael put boats out, rigged them, drove Charlie’s Chariot,  observed, took photos, sailed, washed and put away boats, mended the steering line on one of the 303’s. There were no spare people standing around, every member of the team was either sailing, or working in another capacity.

The Freshwater High group held a regatta, with everyone being a winner. Congratulations: Leah, Danny, Steven, Lucy and Daisy. Lucy pronounced it the best sailing day she had ever experienced.

The BIRDS Group were also out onto the water quickly, with their carers also being Sailability Volunteers. An interesting project, learning on the job how to fit the slings, use them to hoist people into the boats, and then out at the end of the sails, then reverting to BIRDS helpers to manage them back into the buses and out for lunch.

Stuart, May, Brad, Danielle, Steven, Peter, James, Alan, Dianne appreciated their time on the boat.