We decided to try our hardest to get people on the water this morning, as it would have been our third sailing day in a row that we would have had to cancel because of very strong winds on Manly Cove. We also had a new group trying us out for the first time, Freshtracks, and we did not want to let them down, as well as a visitor showing us a range of supportive seating, and several people who live in the community who were absolutely looking forward to the social side of Sailability.

We put a couple of boats up on the deck to add to the atmosphere, brought Charlie’s Chariot around to the pontoon, set up the Morning Tea table, and proceeded to hold a sailing day without the sailing component.

Thanks so much to the helpers who came down this morning: Ray, Denis, Barry, David Goldner, Mal, Megan, Wilma, Josh, Samir, Ivan, Ken, Tony, David W, Lyn, Helen, Helene, Vince, David Grinston, Jannie.

Ray was thrilled to be back with us after several weeks out of action.

Helen, Josh and Samir were the cooks.

Volunteers for special mention were Mal, Charlie’s Chariot Driver, and Ken, his observer, who worked extremely hard keeping the morning flowing.

Thank you to Alex from Specialised Wheelchair Company for allowing is to actually use some of the furniture he had brought down to show us.

Our lovely participants in the day were: Grace, Juliet, Oliver, Steve, Judy, Venessa, Patrick, Adoni, Maddison, Lachlan and Hayley and all of their families and carers who attended.

Everyone who wanted a turn on Charlie’s Chariot was thrilled to be taken out on the wild water even if only for a few minutes, and the others had a great time meeting each other, chatting, trying out the seating equipment and just appreciating the atmosphere.