Crazy sunshine and a fresh breeze greeted us at Sailability this morning. Our wonderful helpers had arrived in droves to make the work easier for everyone. Ray organised his table for the time-keeping, while Helen set up the registration table, added morning tea, and generally helped with the set up. Soon Rob arrived to row across for Charlie’s Chariot, and the rest of the work gang put out and rigged the boats. John W was in charge of rigging, and an excellent job was done, with Marc, Barry, Ken, Denis, Allison, Malcolm, Amin, Brian, helping with this. Malcolm went down to the pontoon as Pontoon Manager to supervise the launching with help from Body Shop Volunteers: Sarah and Maddie. Other helpers were Jim, Corey, Peter, Ros, Tony, Michael, Helene and Khy, all the way from Coff’s Harbour.

By the time this was all completed our first group had arrived, so sailors Ivan, Rob, Denis, Peter, Malcolm, Michael took off across the bay, while Brian helped finish the rigging on one last 303 before also starting on the water. Barry became the Support Boat Driver with Corey as observer.

Our Royal Far West group: Callan, Kaitlyn, Adrian, Amy, Jarod, Zeb, Ben and Emily took off in sailing boats or the Support Boat. Thanks to their helper, Lisa, these children were quickly fitted with PFD’s so that everything worked very efficiently. Callan told the helpers on the pontoon about his very boring trip from Walgett…2 hours in the car, then all day on the train to get down to Manly to enjoy 4 days of treatment and assessments before having to suffer it again in reverse on the way home at the end of the week.

Steph brought the Arranounbai children: Miguel, Rex, Ben, Riley, Mikey, Grace, Milan, Aaron. What a delightful group. Riley was lucky enough to have the first sail for this group with Grandad, Brian, a great pleasure for both. Then the rest of the students in quick succession.

Last participants for the day were: George, Riley, Sekayi and Shebaz from Fisher Rd, with teacher Ruth. The two little girls got to go on the Support Boat, as the previous group were still sailing when they arrived. Then they were lucky enough to get a sail as well.

But wait….Gerald arrived with helper, Patrick and after a trying interval with the PFD, took off on a calming sail.

Also visiting us today were Tanya and Michael so that we could chat about comfortable and safe seating for Michael. Next time they come, we will try a fitting for Michael in the car seat, with lots of supporting cushions so that hopefully he will be able to get back on the water after his lengthy stay in hospital.