Sydney is still having the most glorious days possible, making sailing an impossible to resist temptation. That is why Ray (Sailing Coordinator), Helen (Registrar), Caroline (Observer and Photographer), Jay (Pontoon Manager), Jim, Ken, Mal, Ivan, Cathy, David G (Boat Operations Manager), Jack, Tony, Michael, Lyn (Time Keeper), Jackie, Peter (Support Boat Driver), Juliette (apprentice Support Boat Driver), Jannie, Barry, Alice and Jason (packers away) came down to Manly Yacht Club this morning., rigged boats, picked up Charlie’s Chariot, de-rigged boats and washed them, all with a sense of doing and having done something useful, and had a fabulous time doing it.

Ahh, Volunteering.

Megan, Ollie, Laurie and Judy were there early, and so of course they got to go first, while we were finishing the rigging of the extras. Vanessa and Jericho arrived next. Jericho is a brand new sailor, so his siblings went in Charlie’s Chariot to keep an eye on him. What a wonderful family event, and it seems that there is a general agreement of ‘getting hooked’. BIRDS arrived next, with helpers Gaynor and a few extras whose names I did not catch. Danielle got to sail solo, as usual, while the rest toddled off with their usual co-sailors. Daniel arrived next, and after a short wait took off across the bay. Then Luca, with an excited cry of “I’m going sailing” went off with Mal, actually steering the boat to the feel of the wind on his face.

Matthew arrived with Siaan, then Anna, Kerrie and Ashley with Russell. Next we saw Susan, Robert and Ben with Elsa. Susan is making us so proud that she is able to get into the red boat, and go off across the bay without a complaint.

Eastern Respite snuck in when we were least expecting it. Felicity, Aston, Cassie, Jonathon, Adonis, Dominic, Lachlan and Paula donned PFD’s and just hopped in the next boat, while Dion and Shifa went together, and Jason elected to watch his friends from Charlie’s Chariot.

Patrick arrived last, but managed to get an extra long sail, with a little towing required in the rapidly dropping breeze, by electing to take the 2.3 which was rigged and waiting for him.

What a wonderful day we all had, and many thanks to the helpers of the last group who helped us to pull the boats up and derig, while the last group dawdled in.