The weather this morning was perfect for sailing, and twenty five enthusiastic volunteers arrived to give our equally keen visitors a happy time on the harbour.

Our volunteers’ team work  once again kicked in and, with David as  Sailing Co-ordinator, and Barry our B.O.M. we had a very efficiently run Sailability morning.

Thanks to Shelley’s culinary skills every sausage was sold at the BBQ , Ray’s watchful eye as time- keeper kept the boats moving, and our usual crew of  talented skippers  guaranteed  the smiling faces of all our participants. Some of you have been with us for a long time- Judy, Vanessa, Craig, Jonathan, Matthew, Oliver – and  we look forward to to-days newer  participants – Shelby, Daniel, Jacky, Dione,Tess – coming to us again and again and enjoying Sailability.

Arriving a little too late to sail, our keen Eastern Suburbs kids went for a ride in the support boat with David as skipper, while the rest of the volunteer team packed up the boats and put everything away.

Thanks a huge amount to all of the people who helped this morning:

Mal, Barry, Ray, Denis, David W, Josh, John, Ken, Tony, Helen, Lyn, Jay, Ewan, Juliette, Shelley, Peter, Michael, Alan, Helene, Pierre, David G, Patrick, Jannie, Jim, Ralph. What a great team!!!