Our team this morning looked a little limited in numbers, but fantastic in skills.

Col, Ray, Warwick, John, Rob, Ivan, Peter, Steve, Tony, Malcolm, Michael, Bob, Jim and Denis put out and rigged 5 boats, picked up Charlie’s Chariot and, dressed as Super Heroes, welcomed our first group of Masked Avengers, Hulks, Spidermen, Supermen, Ninja Turtles from the Royal Far West School, accompanied by their fabulous helpers; Charlotte and Jan.

Rob took over the driving of Charlie’s Chariot with Observer, Warwick, Eli was Sailing Coordinator, Malcolm the Pontoon Manager, sailors Ivan, Col, Steve, Peter and Jim. Tony and John worked hard as Pontoon Staff, Michael and Denis managed life-jackets and people on the upper deck, and Ray took pride of place as Registrar/Radio Operator/Time Keeper. Later on, Rob became a sailor, and Warwick a helper up on deck, while Peter and John took over on the Support Boat.

The wind was a gentle Nor Easter, dropping to almost nothing at various time during the morning, but the sun kept shining and it was just a lovely day for an outing.

Kids from the ASPECT School arrived next with their lovely patient teachers, Sarah, Kirsty, Karen and Ann. Anthony, Alexander, Christian, Dash, Finley, Harry, Kai, Loder, Matty, Michael, and Will all flew down on their magic flying machines to go for a sail. They all got a turn in a sailing boat as well as Charlie’s Chariot by taking turns, and being extraordinarily patient. Thanks so much to these Super Hero kids and their Super Hero Teachers who organised such an interesting day for the helpers.

Last to come for a sail were Jordan, Eddie and Amelia from Freshwater High with teachers Jane and Shirley. The wind had really dropped by this time, so it was a very slow run around Manly Cove before they came back with some extra knowledge about paddling.

Mark arrived in time to go for a sail, then help with the putting away, so it didn’t take long to pack everything away.