An absolutely beautiful morning welcomed us down to Manly Yacht Club for our sailing morning today, right in the middle of Manly’s Jazz Festival. So, we had music and people all around us for our sailing session, as well as lots of big boats buzzing around us because it was the MYC Commodore’s Picnic at the same time. Maybe this busyness distracted some of our volunteers, as we were a little short handed this morning.

Our early birds for setting up this morning were Crosbie (Sailing Coordinator Extraordinaire) Barry, Ken, Ray, Flynn, Helen. We put out 5 303’s and one 2.3, got them rigged and down to the water and we were ready to start when Ken and Barry got back to the pontoon with Charlie’s Chariot.

In the meantime, other volunteers and participants started to arrive and sailing commenced. Sailors Peter, Ivan, Jackie, Jack, David took Megan, Elizabeth, Grace, Juliette, Oliver, Craig, Jonathon, Matt, and Jon while Ray was the time keeper, Helen as Registrar, Barry as Support Boat Driver, Ken the apprentice Boat Driver and observer, Eli and Amaru on the pontoon. Lyn helped up on deck with life-jackets, Registrations, etc.

Later Flynn arrived on the pontoon as we most definitely needed someone with his height and strength to manage the hoists. The day went into full swing with the arrival of Alan, placing him in his boat to sail away into the wide blue yonder. We knew he would be gone for an hour or so, having a wonderful time on the high seas. Helene also arrived at about this time, so that we had a change-over of sailors.

We had just about completed sailing for these community members when Rap’N’Rave arrived. These young people come from all over Sydney, and really enjoy their day with us. Jessica, Mark, Jordan, Hayley and Daniel loved their time on the water, then came back and tucked into their sausage sandwiches, cooked by Juliette and Helen.

Jonathon and his helper Meredith arrived and hopped onto Charlie’s Chariot for a bit of a joy-ride, when we had a change of Support Boat Staff, Peter taking over as driver. Then Matt arrived from MT Kuringgai, with his lovely helper, Sivaan.

It was really shaping up as a busy morning when our BIRDS group arrived from Hunter’s Hill. Stuart, Dirk, May, Daniel, Brad, Robert, Roger, Carlo, Danielle, Peter, Steve, Andy. Those sailing kept their sailors amused and interested with their stories, and their helpers Gaynor and others, kept a careful eye on their people to ensure their safety and comfort.

In the middle of all of this, we had a few moments of excitement, when the mast of Dolly Wallis suddenly gave up the ghost, not even in a gust of wind….just keeled over because after 11 years of heavy labour, it suddenly became too tired to take any more, and collapsed on itself. Jack very cleverly brought the boat back to the pontoon, with a little help from Charlie’s Chariot, where it had a quick change of mast and sail and simply took off again.

Alice and Jason arrived to give us a hand with the putting away, and it all finished when everything was washed and put away under the watchful eye of David. Thanks for putting those taps inside, MYC, it makes everything so much easier and safer.