This was also a 4th Anniversary. The 4th time Manly Sunrise Rotary has organised a Fun Run to support their charities. Seeing that Manly Sunrise Rotary has been supporting Sailability Manly for over 10 years, we decided to put in a team, as a way of having fun away from the water, creating some extra publicity for our activity, and helping Rotary in return. All three aims were met, with the first being the most obvious.

Photo of Sailability members who were on the Fun Run

Our team was amazing!!!!! We met in the freezing cold at 7.30 a.m., competing in the 2km, 5km, and 10 km runs and walk. The 10 km runners went first…. Britta and Suzanne, Tuscia.

Photo of Sailability members who were on the Fun Run

Following them the 5 km runners were Caroline, Peter, Karen, Ella and Marie.

Jessika, Brenda, Hunter and Wiebe took off at a great rate of knots, followed by the strollers: Helen, Eli, Jayme-Ann, Sue, Alice and her friend.

We all came home excited, warm and happy and full of stories about our fabulous morning.

It seems a definite goer as an annual event, as it showcases our skills off the water and puts us right in the public eye. When Wiebe, Jessika, Hunter and Brenda crossed the finish line, a huge cheer went up, thrilling us all.\Thank you so much to the people who could not get down on the day, but supported us with their donations, which will come directly to us: Helen M.D Eadie, Sue, Evelyn, Natalie, Pam, SD Abeysinghe, Shiela, Craig, Carol, Victor, and Youssef.

It is wonderful that we have such a great supporting team.