With a warm and humid start to the day with a very light breeze no one assumed the sailing conditions would become challenging for the close of the morning’s sailing.

John P stepped up as SDC with Wilma manning the desk, Corey on the radio and Peter B donning the Pontoon Manager’s vest. With only just enough sailors all seven boats were set up and launched whilst Warwick, Eli and Peter W made sure Charlies Chariot was where it was needed.

Dennis set out with new volunteer, Petra, to show her the ropes as Skye and Clare went for a sail with Michael taking out Grace. Participants from Connect, Aruma and Birds then started arriving over the next couple of hours keeping our sailors Dennis, Clare, Jim, John W, Michael, David and Skye busy. The arrivals and departures through the morning kept all of us on the dock busy with no spare time for Caroline, Wilma, Corey and Peter B keeping everyone moving on and off the water with Petra making all the difference as she helped out on her first day with us.

All the participants from Emma and Jonathon from Connect, Kyle, Paul, James and Eddie (looking remarkably relaxed after a sail with Clare) from Aruma and Rodney, Danielle and the rest of the group from Birds had a good sail in the initially mild winds, with a few of the later sailors facing windier and wetter conditions as the day was finally called as wind gusts reached over 20 knots.

Once again a great day for one and all.