We had great sailing weather this morning, sunny with a moderate North-Easterly breeze that picked up as the morning progressed.
Helen managed registrations as usual, with Wilma on refreshments and life jackets. Rob and Shelley went to fetch Charlie’s Chariot while the boats were rigged, later picking up Eli and Jay as observers.
Caroline oversaw getting the boats launched with help on the pontoon from Joe.
Clare was SDC and manned the radios. Shane was our first participant and went out with Denis in Eli D, while Michael B and Ivan hopped in Vin for a practice sail.
David G took Kerri out in Ralph Newman, with Meaghan and Vince following soon after in Dolly Wallis.
The volunteers later switched up the roles, with Caroline and Clare taking over Charlie’s Chariot, Eli on radios, while Rob, Jannie, Michael B and Vince took participants Leonie, Anas, Jessica and Katie out. Katie later jumped on Charlie’s Chariot with her carer, Jo, and had great fun getting splashed and having a turn at steering.
Many thanks to all the volunteers for making it a great morning!