This morning dawned a wonderful day for a booked out Sailing Day for us.
Our fabulous team responded to the call for more volunteers as we were completely booked out, with a few extras who turned up on the day.
Nola, Helen, Warwick, new volunteer Clare, Ragnhild, Wolfie, Rob, Brian arrived early to get those boats rigged and on the water, dancing around the Manly Sailing crew who also had the same idea, so that we had an exceptionally full deck of extraordinarily busy people.
Others arrived in order, so that we ended up with:
Sailing Coordinator, Extraordinaire; Warwick.
Charlie’s Chariot Driver: Jim,
Trainee sailors: Nola, John McA, Clare, Wolfie.
Radio Operator: Ken.
Registrar, Helen.
Life-jackets, Helene.
Sailors: John P, John B, Ragnhild, Rob, Brian, John W., Jeremy, Michael, David G., Malcolm.
Arriving in time for the putting away, was faithful helper Marc with the extra muscle power.
The Plush family arrived first, with Courtney and Steve. Then Georgie and Pam brought Dennis for his first time on the water for many months.
Ability options brought their holiday crew: Harry, Ashley, Rosie, Shintara, 2 Sams, Ruby, Daniel, Olivia, Soraya, Berendan, Mia, James.
Sargood’s Kylie brought Kaan and Jan and the rest of the family.
Care Culture brought Owen, 2 Dylans, Oliver, Jaice, Lucy, James, Riley.
Northside brought Alysse, Jamie, Ella, Tarek, Craig.
Then Ben and Mum arrived, and Hanlin.
Thanks to our wonderful team, all of this appeared effortless to the outsiders, and a fabulous morning was enjoyed by around 50 people.