Today was a wonderful farewell to March. In spite of forecast showers we went ahead with our sailing today as we had two groups booked in and we thought that a few showers would not harm these active children. As it happened, the only rain came from the Water Pistols that were very popular among some of the children, and a few of the volunteers. However, we had stronger breezes than usual this morning, a very high tide, and some waves in Manly Cove which made sailing an interesting proposition for our participants as well as our sailors.

Crew for today:
Registrar: Helen.
Radio: Corey.
Rigging: Denis
Sailors: Johns B and P, Jeremy, Peter, Michael, Jim (chief of the water pistols), Steve, Brian.
Support Boat Driver: John W.
Photographer: Francois.
Craig and Victoria brought Ava, Aurora and Lily from Royal Far West School.
Betty brought Ben for a sail.
Sarah and Carmel brought their magnificent crew:
Frankie, Callum, Curtis, Issa, Oscar, Elijah, Arianna, James, Harley, Ally, Fui, Leo, Thapke. What a great time these children had in the rising breeze, with lots of water fun along the way, what with the swell of the waves, a high, high
tide, and those water pistols.

Also having fun were: Edgar, Riley and James from Fisher Rd School with helper Sandy.

Then Ken came down from Sargood with helper, Ben. Hanlin and Zoe arrived a little later with helpers Aschief and Sally.