This morning the weather was definitely on our side, except for a remarkable shortage of any breeze at all for most of the day….at least until we started to pack up at the end of the morning.

We decided to rig just 4 boats, as we were not expecting many participants because of the showers scattering in adjoining suburbs, and have some volunteer practise sailing for our sailors who feel they need it. Also, we had a brand new volunteer this morning, Joe, who welcomed the new experience of sailing. Starting the day with just 9 volunteers, 4 boats seemed enough.

However, as the morning crept on, more volunteers arrived, and we also had a few more participants than expected, so 2 more boats were rigged, and well used.

Total number of volunteers was 15, and participant sailors numbered 10.

Volunteers: John W, John B, John P and Jon S, Peter, Ken, Helen, Corey, Jim, Eli, Michael, Jackie, Joe, David, Francois.

Participants: Aruma; Eddie, James, Kyle, with Wayne and Denise helping.

BIRDS; Stuart, Danielle, Stephen, Graham, Alan, Brad, Carlo, with Lucy, Amanda, and Jenny helping.