Fabulous weather this morning, and we had a wonderful turn out of fully vaccinated people who came down to Sailability to enjoy the morning.

First of all, the Volunteers arrived and rigged 6 boats in readiness for maximum sailing time. Our Sailing Coordinator was Brian, and as soon as 6 boats were rigged and checked by Denis we were able to take off across the perfectly clear water to the other side, with radios at the ready in case we they needed to return to pick up participants. New Volunteer, Jeremy fitted in perfectly, and Ben was a guest sailor. Helen was kept busy as registrar, Wilma fitting and disinfecting Life-jackets, Denis took Jeremy for a checking run, Ken went with John B, Corey on the shore radio, Candice accompanied Warwick on CC, and eventually everyone took their turn in the perfect sunshine and light winds. Eileen took her turn with the camera on Charlie’s Chariot.

Our star turn for the day was Malcolm, who lost half of his bike between the timbers and took a spectacular fall early in the day, then spent the rest of the day managing the pontoon.
It was lovely to see Pam and Georgie back on Charlie’s Chariot, watching Dad, Denis take over the controls on Woody. The 2 Davids had an extended sail, as did Ivan and Jim, and Rob took young Ben out for his turn.

John W was the final Charlie’s Chariot Skipper, and we finished the day with a companiable cleaning up and putting away process.

It was great to be back on the water.

  • The two Davids
  • Georgie and Pam
  • The boats ready for a sail
  • Dennis and Jeremy ready to go