Over the last few weeks, we have been talking to Freshwater Bendigo Bank about having a window display in their new premises, on Lawrence St, Freshwater for 2 important reasons.

1. To remind people that even in lock-down, Sailability Manly is still in existence and chewing at the bit to get Sailability going again as soon as the official Health Rules allow us to do so.

2. To make the windows of the new Freshwater Bendigo Bank a bright and interesting place for passers by to look into.

We went ahead and collected a few items from our store area at MYC, keeping the required distance apart, just John and Eli, drove to Freshwater where Candice was waiting for us, suitably masked, and by some miraculous sleight of hand, produced a very beautiful display using our everyday equipment to attract the eye of people walking past.

Here is the finished product. Please walk past and have a look to remind you of the lovely times we have down at Sailability, and refresh your eagerness to get back to sailing.

Don’t forget to get the jab while you are waiting.