A great team of Volunteers responded to the call for Sailability this morning.

Jim was in charge of the day, and a wonderful Sailing Coordinator he turned out to be, with a plan for 4 boats only out  in the blustery Westerly that was apparent early in the morning, a plan for change overs to release sailors, Support Boat Drivers and Pontoon Managers able to be rotated among the volunteers. This was an excellent plan for the day. Ken started on the radio and later went sailing with Heather, Heather started on Charlie’s Chariot taking some excellent photos, with John as Driver, Ragnhild and Nola started on the pontoon, relieved later by Ros and Eli, Wilma and Helen registered, took temperatures and organised Life-Jackets and Harnesses for our wheel-chair guys.

Sailors Vince, Jim, Denis and Michael managed the first half of the morning, with Helene arriving in time to take Sabine for a sail while Vince took up duties on the pontoon. What an excellent design for a sailing day.

In the meantime, our Participants came and went as the day unfolded.

James, Kieran, Jim, and Alyse from Flexible Respite loved their sailing, and Fiona was thrilled to go out with Michael. Later in the morning, Alex and Sean arrived from Sargood after another enforced lock-down for a few days. Later, Gabriella arrived with her Mum and Dad and enjoyed her sail out on the rapidly calming waters. Unfortunately, a few people who had booked for sailing today did not turn up, perhaps anxious about the strong winds in their home suburbs.

  • Kieran and Vince in Alex
  • Michael and James in Dolly Wallis
  • Denis and Alyse in Woody
  • 2 Jims in Vin
  • Our busy pontoon
  • Alex and Vince in Alex
  • Micheal and Fiona in Dolly Wallis
  • Sean and Jim in Vin
  • Heather bailing out Vin with Ken