Probably the coolest part of NSW was the venue for a sailing day at Manly. A few people had called and said they could not come down to sailing this morning because of the extreme heat forecast, and the bush-fires raging close to them, so we were limited in numbers of volunteers, as well as participant sailors expected.

Jim took charge of the pontoon, making sure all boats were rigged ready for the expected high winds later in the day, John took Charlie’s Chariot duties with Ken as observer, and Raghnihld along practising her skills ready for her license test. Sailors Ivan, Vince, Michael, David, Mal took the boats, Tony took over the radio, Lyn was time keeper, Nola was her usual expert self on the pontoon, Denis stayed up on the deck helping there, so everyone was kept extremely busy. Marc arrived in time to help put the boats away when the wind became too strong for us to sail any longer.

Judith was down there for her regular sail in Alan Wood, David, Emily, Anthony came from Sargood, Judy from Wandella, Helen and Rebecca from Terrey Hills, Danny arrived with David but elected not to sail as the warm weather was disturbing him. David had a trial sail with Mal, proved himself more than capable then took his daughter, Emily for a sail.

All together, a really good morning sail, and just enough helpers to make it viable.

  • Meghan and Vin in Woody
  • Ivan and Kerri in Vin
  • Judith in Alan Wood
  • Anthony and Vin in Woody
  • David and Daughter, Emily in Ralph Newman