There were decisions to be made today by the highest of decision makers in the state, whether to go ahead with the Fireworks Night as planned, or to cancel it because of the bush fires that had completely taken over NSW, and caused several deaths, loss of property, and animal deaths….not a good omen for 2020.

At last, they decided to go ahead, so a reduced number of people made their way to Manly Yacht Club and other venues to get together in a rather sober mood to welcome in the new decade.

The fireworks themselves were magnificent, and in spite of the general mood, a wonderful welcome to the Ney Year. Warwick was there with his family, the team from Tristram Rd, the group from Freshwater House, the Demeny Family, the Long Family, the Le Bretons, and others from Manly Yacht Cub, too numerous to mention.

Here are a couple of pictures:

  • Steve and Shine waiting for the fireworks
  • Tristram Rd guests
  • Kerry, John, Maggie
  • Nola and Tony
  • Some of the McKenzie family
  • Gorgeous fireworks