We decided to go ahead with Sailing even though the weather forecast was right on our wind limit, as we knew it was going to drop rapidly, and that the rain had gone earlier.

No photos today, sorry, the camera was forgotten in the boisterous winds of early morning, and then double forgotten later.

Maleea, Danny and Emma arrived from Freshwater High, donned our extra special warm and water resistant clothes that had been donated to us in the preceding weeks. They cheerfully stepped into the boats and off across Manly Cove they flew in the North Easterly Breeze. Maleea was worried that her freshly shampooed hair would get wet, but had no reason to fear as she was completely covered in her jacket. These children were most impressive in staying calm, doing what the sailing captains told them, and enjoying the rapid motion.

Later, our BIRDS group: Danielle, Carlo, Patrick, Stuart, Dianne, Brad, James, Katherine, Jimmy the two Alan’s, and Peter arrived on the bus. Danielle, Patrick, Jimmy and Carlo walked down the short-cut to get there early, signed on and made the decision whether to sail or not. While this was happening, the rest of the group came down the approved path. It was decided that Danielle, Patrick, Stuart, Dianne, Brad, James, Jimmy and Alan P would sail, Carlo and James would supervise them in the Support Boat, while Peter, Alan S and Katherine watched from the shore. A really good and satisfying morning helped along enormously by our crew for today:

Denis, Nicola, Ken, Brian, Peter, Wilma, David, Kevin, Malcolm, John P and John W, Corey, Eli, Marc, Ted, Helen, Tara and Michael.

Nice work all!