Our most efficient Wednesday Team operated today’s activity like a well oiled machine. Boats were brought out onto the deck, rigged and launched, Charlie’s Chariot was picked up from the mooring, the registration table set up, tea, coffee and biscuits ready when our first participants arrived.

The Team was: Sailing Coordinator: John W,
Power Boat Driver: Warwick,
Observer Corey,
Photographer, John P.
Riggers and sailors: Rob, David, Denis, Ivan, Tara, Malcolm, Steve, Michael, Jennie, Ian, and Helene.
Registrar Helen, Life-jackets; Wilma and Heather, Radio and Time Keeping, Ray and Mal.
Help on deck: Allison,
Help on the pontoon: Marc, Ken, and the sailors having their rest time.

Slideshow of Steve and Jasmine in Dolly Wallis, Rob and Mitchell in Black Swan, Malcolm and Jonathan in Alex, Jack and Michael in Alex, David and Warren in VIN, Helene and Rodney in Eli D, Paul and Ian in Alex. Georgia and Jordan in CC, Jennie and Holly in Woody.

We had a few minutes to wait until all the boats were full, so we sent Heather, Tara, Allison, Malcolm out for a practise sail. Once all participants had arrived there was no more time for this, as we were all extremely busy fitting life-jackets, putting on sun-screen, moving people from deck to boats and back again.

We started with our delightful group from Royal Far West…what a breath of fresh air these students are, some of whom are new to vistas of water, having their homes in Western NSW. Mitchell, Ambrose, Jasmine and Chloe happily stepped into the boats and took off over to the other side of Manly Cove, while their helpers watched from the deck.

Jonathan arrived for his sail with his helper, then Jade and Chelsea from Because We Care.

Unisson French’s Forest sent Warren, Simon, Ashleigh, Jeff, Des, Denise, Melvie, Georgia, Brodie, Jessica, Dom, Rhian. Some of these were a little reluctant at the start, but once they were in a boat, they relaxed and went with the flow. Simon kept all of the crew on their toes while he wandered around plucking up courage, but couldn’t be persuaded to actually get into a boat.

Stephen arrived from his home across the road, got himself ready and happily went off for a sail.

Then House With No Steps arrived with helpers Julie, Mandy, Andrew and Tenzin. Hayden, Denis, Mikey, Holly, Paul, David, Stefan either went for a sail or had a ride on Charlie’s Chariot. Ross, Colin, Alex didn’t sail this time, but enjoyed the sunshine, the fresh air and the calm atmosphere up on the deck. Holly made up for this, by having a turn at both.

Last of all, Rodney came down from Choose and Connect with Ben and loved his sailing.

Thankfully, we had a couple of late arrival helpers to put everything away, so all was completed very quickly, and put back ship-shape ready for next time.